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Carlo Zanni, Museum of Art Ahlen
My Temporary Visiting Position From The Sunset Terrace Bar, 2007

What links Ahlen to Naples, La Spezia with the transatlantic twin cruisers Michelangelo and Raffaello on their way to Argentina? In short: a network, consisting of culture and history, biography and the internet. This was invented by the Italian artist Carlo Zanni. Exile, emigration is nowadays euphemistically called Temporary Visiting Position. From a personal point of view, Zanni creates an audio-visual realtime environment, linking together different references of the contemporary with culture. Within the framework of his art, an irreconcilable tension between the contradictory experiences of migration from people of the the so called first world to the „losers” of globlization will be set up, which will subtly spread over to the visitor’s mind. His work uses web cam images from Naples and photographs of Ahlen. A critical poem by Ghada Samman breaks up the idyllic images of sunsets and reminds us of the role of richness in regard to power. The Gotan Project accompanies the setting with a musical sigh.

Embedding Zanni’s experiences of feeling homeless in a personal and biographical manner – the artist lives in Milano and New York – the work also alludes the notion of the „Grand Tour”, which has a special meaning in 2007, the most gigantic year of the visual arts ever: It’s a marketing label designed for the convenience of the art scene’s jetset which makes travelling between Venice, Kassel, Basle, and Munster comfortable.

Within his work Zanni creates poetics of the media’s content and not about the mediality itself.

Filmstill aus »My Temporary Visiting Position from the Sunset Terrace Bar«, 2007 © C. Zanni

Carlo Zanni
born in La Spezia, 1975, lives between Milan and New York.

Selected Exhibitions
2007: Mallorca,ES, Joan Miró Foundation, Metalandscapes by Pau Waelder Laso (in Vorbereitung)
Rome, IT, MAXXI – Museum, “Apocalittici e Integrati“ by Paolo Colombo
New York, NY, EFA The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, “Meme: Romanticism“ von Michele Thursz
2006: Miami, FL, "M*A*S*H", by David Hunt and Michael Sellinger as a part of "art loves design"
Locarno, CH, La Rada, Wireless, curated by N. Stolz and F. Naldi (in partnership with the International Film Festival Locarno)
New York, NY, MoMA Museum of Modern Art, Film Screening, “8bit“ by Marcin Ramocki
2005: London, UK, ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts – Carlo Zanni: A Retrospective
New York, NY, Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerby, Culturecounter, organised by Fernanda Arruda and Michaael Clifton
2004: New York, NY, Chelsea Museum, The Passage of Mirage, curated by Christiane Paul (Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum) and Zhang Ga (Parsons School of Design)
2003: Glasgow, Scotland, CCA – Centre for Contemporary Art, “Epic Tales“, Net Art Commission
New York, NY, Turbulence.org – ICONography – curated by Patrick Lichty
Istanbul, Turkey, Borusan Center for Culture and Arts, -Copy it. Steal it. Share it.- curated by Anne Barlow and Michele Thursz
2002: Montreal, Canada, 3rd Biennale de Montréal, Centre International d'art Contemporain
2001: New York, NY, P.S.1 / MoMA – B-Hotel by Alanna Heiss, Klaus Biesenbach and Daniel Marzona
Tirana, Albania, Ist Tirana Biennial National Gallery and Chinese Pavilion

2005 – “VITALOGY, A Study of a Contemporary Presence“ published by ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts , London

2004: New York, NY, Rhizome.org, “Average Shoveler“
2003/4: kunstnetznrw.de, Schöppingen, Germany, Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, “Four Untitled Portraits“
2003: Glasgow, Scotland, CCA – Centre for Contemporary Art, “Epic Tales“, Net Art Commission
2002: Cabinet Magazine – “Attempt to bet two fiches“ Special net project for Cabinet Magazine issue#7 – „Failure“

Filmstill aus »My Temporary Visiting Position from the Sunset Terrace Bar«, 2007 © C. Zanni