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© picture: jens brand
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Jens Brand, Lichtkunstmuseum Unna:

On the fringes of a museal collection, in an unseizable and shady setting of an interspace, which on the one hand is used as a storage room and on the other hand gives access to the representative World of the Center for International Light art in Unna, lives and acts a creature whose presence is – fitting to space – a marginal phenomenon. It’s the UNNA UNIT by Jens Brand. The UNNA UNIT appears as an autistic living, increasing its environment to a symbol and snatches away its invisible existence. If the UNNA UNIT feels unwatched, it propels itself or is driven by the small synaptic motor-driven network it consists of. The only response it triggers due to enviromental stimulations in the form of visitors, is to ebb away its activity, culminating in cessation of any motivity. Then it’s turning into numbness, similar to a velvet ant, which is able to feign death for minutes, hence it’s hard to detect. The UNNA UNIT, however, has got a sure feeling for aesthetics. It’s interested in forming patterns and controls its self-perception for a limited time with regard to this very interest. The motors induce each other according to parameters of coincidence. If a continuous mathemactical context or a coordinated movement arises incidentally, the UNNA UNIT will detect and adopt it for a while to its components in order to forget about it. It might recall it later again.

UNNA UNIT in der Konstruktionsphase © J. Brand

Jens Brand

born 1968 in Dortmund, lives in Cologne, Germany as a composer,-artist & organizer
1988-94 Study of Visual Art at the Acadmey of Arts Münster with Prof. Josef Zellmann and Prof. Gunther Keusen
1992 Co-founder of mex, a concert and media-events organizing initiative to support experimental music

Selected Awards, Commissions, Residencies
2007 Auslandsstipendium des Landes NRW; Artist in residence, Tesla, Berlin
2006 Commission of the Kunststiftung NRW for the webproject "G-Turns-online-store"
2005 Honorary mention, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
2003 Artist in Residency at the Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, USA

Selected Exhibitions, Performances
2007 "G-TURNS", part of "musique/visuelle", Philharmonie Luxembourg
2006 "HCATS (MPIGS)", for viola, tRombone, electronics & light, part of DoUndo event, Aalst, Belgium
2005 "G-Player", Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
2004 "Motors & Styrofoam", Lumen & Dezibel, Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf, D
2003 "HUMlier/Silent Landscape/Fridges", Voorkamer, Lier B
2002 "Silent Landscape" Installation, "Say hello to piece and tranquility", hartware projekte, Dortmund/Nicolaj, Art Center, Kopenhagen, DK
2001 "BOREDOM VIDEO" with David First, Ben Manley & Manuel Mota, Warmer to the stove, Lotus, NYC, USA

Selected Publications
Cristoph Cox: Reverb Time, in: Artforum International, September 2006, S. 89-90
Daniela Cascella: Dissonanze 2006, in: The Wire, Issue 9, July 2006, P. 68
Miriam Petruzzelli: No Brand's, in: Digimag, Online Magazin, Italiy, http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=394
Julie Lemieux: La musique de la terre, in: Le Soleil, Quebec, Canada, 21. February 2006, P. B5
Jens Hauser: Cyberarts 2005: Global-Player - Jens Brands Satelliten-Tuner, Artewebside & TV, 2005, http://www.arte.tv/de/kunst-musik/kultur-digital/diese-woche/Zur_20Zeit/973990.html
Kiyoshi Maeda, in: Air ART Log, Online Magazine, Japan, Gplayer, http://www.directions.jp/airartlog/flv/AAL003/003-02.html; G-Pod: http://www.directions.jp/airartlog/flv/AAL013/013-02.html
Garry Davis: Beyond Baroque, in: Arcane Candy, Issue 2, 2003, Ps.4-5
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Uta M. Reindl: Lobreden auf Eros - Sam Ashley, Jens Brand, Judy Dunaway, Bettina Gruber und Hans W. Koch, Moltkerei Werkstatt, Köln, 23. - 30.11.2000, in: Kunstforum International, Band 153, 2000, S. 358