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Sascha Büttner, Foundation „Künstlerdorf Schöppingen“

In our modern world we know them all – these white pavilions erected in the garden, shady at hot summer days during a garden party. Underneath their roofs communication will emerge. Sascha Büttner, however, adds the prefix „trash“ to the noun – rubbish. Within a certain logic of our society, rubbish acts as useless waste that will be recycled anonymously or be burned in the furnaces of waste disposals for the production of energy. Within the world wide web, which is hard to survey, the question, however, has to be posed in a different way: It’s not just about erasing matters which of no relevance. Given the indeterminable bulk of information, the scale of rating in regard to what’s useful and what’s trash seems to be vanished. From this initial point the artist creates a constantly growing archive made of variously written texts and other material. They all center upon the paradox of artistical production and its requirements under the condition of networking. Trashpavilion tracks down current conditions of production and also demonstrates ways of self-organisation.
Trailhead of the work ist the node "Künstlerdorf Schöppingen". Thence the trashpavilion ensues the artist’s biographies, conditions of production and approaches of self-organisation in order to deal with the web, economy and the artistical self-assertion within this network. In doing so, the project is continuously self-referential. Regarding the hype about Web2.0, the trashpavilion uses the established platforms of self-portrayal and raises the old question about what art actually is in a new garment.

Sascha Büttner
Born 1966, lives and works in Wiesbaden (DE).

Borderline, Strategien und Taktiken für Kunst und soziale Praxis, Wiesbaden, 2002, Ed. BorderlineAG