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seven artists at seven different exhibition sites in north rhine-westphalia
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The exhibition takes place under the auspices of State Secretary for Culture Mr Hans-Heinrich Grosse-Brockhoff.

Seven artists and seven museums – they constitute the nodes of the homonymous exhibition which will be shown in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) from September 16th to November 11th. The project, initiated by the registry of culture of NRW, Gütersloh, and conducted by art historian Matthias Weiß from Leipzig, doesn’t leave it at the metaphorical use of the web, but will demonstrate seven international positions dealing with the world wide web both in the stricter and broadest sense. In addition the positions will show the artistically use of the world wide web as a matter and as a medium.

The art works are interlinked by a critical examination of current central subjects. The works of Cornelia Sollfranks affect the function of the museum and its use as a depot in terms of public property. In the „Märkischen Museum Witten“, Sollfranks will be examining the problem of „literary property“, that means the commercialisation of images/ paintings and their patent utilization in times of the world wide web. Within his installation „Trashpavilion“, to be located at „Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen“, Sascha Büttner will be exploring the artist’s conditions of production. The visitor also can do his own research within this installation. Carlo Zanni, living in Italy and the USA, combines in a subtle manner his experience as an artist with his experience of migration and summarises them into a poetic audio-visual installation shown at „Kunstmuseum Ahlen“.
At „Städtisches Museum Gladbeck, Schloss Wittringen“, Ilona Johanna Plattner is going to examine by means of interventions and performances the conflicting priorities between actual (town-) history and the representation of her alter ego as an artist – that means her part as a female „mystic“ in terms of three acts. In doing so, she picks out the role of something fictional as a central theme related to the potentiality of the world wide web. „Kunstmuseum Siegen“ will be the host for the 13-year old Mouchette, someone who only exists in the world wide web. Her examination of suicides, committed by children, is based on reports of real existing people who use Mouchette’s website as a platform of communication.
By means of small doses of artifical intelligence little synaptic engines will be generated into the „UNNA UNIT“ created by Jens Brand. This kind of web will be perceivable as a sculpture that responds to the environment in different ways: Sometimes it grows stiff, sometimes it forms patterns, or reminds itself of past states.
Last not least, Richard Kriesche collects data streams from Google and the stock market. He will present his haul in form of eight projections at „Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten“ in Marl. In this way he criticises the established art term and negates its overreaching concreteness, which is reflected at auctions of contemporary art on the basis of incredible prices.

All these positions give evidence that you don’t have to sit in front of a tedious screen while being engaged in art with or within the world wide web. Web-art – a main concern of the exhibition „nodes“ – is a part of contemporary art and doesn’t revoke the hassle of festivals reaching from „transmediale“ to „ars electronica“.

All art works will be created for the exhibition exclusively and will pass into the stock of the exhibition locations respectively after the end of the show.

The project is promoted by the foundation NRW, the County of North Rhine-Westphalia and the registry of culture of NRW, Gütersloh.

Date: July 2007