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seven artists at seven different exhibition sites in north rhine-westphalia
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Welcome …

… to the Kultursekretariat North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Gütersloh, whose virtual Gallery (www.kunstnetznrw.de) has been dealing with a particular development of contemporary art for about four years now – net art. That involves an artistically based mode of operation, with the internet becoming the main player. Within our society, this media is becoming more and more of paramount importance, so we are watching its artistical examination with curiosity and attentiveness. With the project “nodes – seven artists at seven different exhibition sites in North Rhine-Westphalia”, our institution actively involves for the very first time in the form of an exhibition and – in doing so – completes the previous work.

After having published a book entitled “Gütersloher Netzkunstbuch”, which means the realisation of the virtual gallery within the art net of NRW, we are now organising an exhibition in real place. Due to the interlinking and networking of cultural institutions, which is the main focus of our promoting activity, it only seemed consistent to us that the “nodes” can’t be restricted to just one location. Thus the concept defines seven exhibition sites with completely different complexions and links them for the period of the project both actually and virtually. That is, however, not the only characteristic that distinguishes the “nodes” from the majority of other art shows. In addition, the seven artists involved have been assigned to create an art work for the host giving museum at a time. In times of budgets cut to the bone, this exhibition is an attempt to adopt cultural and educational policy for young art in particular.

The secretary of culture of NRW Gütersloh likes to thank art foundation NRW and state government of North Rhine-Westphalia of their generosity and support. Also many thanks to Matthias Weiß, curator of the exhibition, and to all the artists and museums concerned.

Sascha Büttner Foundation “Künstlerdorf Schöppingen”
Jens Brand Center for International Light art, Unna
Richard Kriesche Museum of Sculptures “Glaskasten Marl”
Carlo Zanni Museum of Art Ahlen
Ilona J. Plattner Museum Gladbeck
Cornelia Sollfrank Märkisches Museum Witten
Mouchette Museum of Contemporary Art, Siegen

We hope to contribute with our exhibition to this gorgeous art-year, where also North Rhine-Westphalia with its “Skulptur Projekte Münster 07” is playing a leading part. We wish our artists success with their “nodes” as well as a large and open-minded audience.

Meinolf Jansing
Managing Director